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About us

Sintar Mühendislik is a manufacturer specialized in the production of drainage dimpled sheets and geocomposite drainage membranes made of recycled HDPE in Turkey. Our family company was established in Sapanca district of Sakarya in 1990. With more than 25 years of experience, knowledge, and most importantly, its reliable and respected stance in the market, it continues to grow rapidly and confidently.

Our company provided construction, contracting, project, and consultancy services until the beginning of the 2000s closely followed the innovations in the construction sector, and saw very serious gaps in the insulation sector. For this reason, Izomar Insulation Inc. was established in 2005, which was a founding partner, that took its place among the important companies in the insulation sector in its region.

Our company has taken its place among the important companies in its region in the insulation sector as well as construction, contracting, project, and consultancy decided to make new investments in the field of manufacturing industry with the decision taken at the end of 2014. In the second half of 2015, our company commissioned the HDPE dimpled sheet production line, thus said hello to the manufacturing sector.

Our firm has always aimed to be an example, pioneer, and innovative in the sectors it has been doing business, has a high level of belief that it will reach its deserved place in the manufacturing sector in a very short time. We have already devoted most of our energy to R&D studies of our innovative products, which we plan to produce in the coming years.

At Sintar Engineering, our priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. Based on this idea, our company, which always prioritizes quality, continues to grow with confident steps.