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Quality policy

In line with our vision, we are constantly improving our quality standards based on data and technology, making a difference with our products, reducing our costs in the long term. Our priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

For this purpose, to work with our suppliers in a team spirit, to improve our quality management system with continuous improvements and to produce environmentally friendly, quality and affordable services and products. It is our constant rule to comply with the procedures and laws of our country and our customers in all activities with continuous improvements in line with our targets, and to minimize the risks that may arise from our employees, products and services.

To achieve this goal our company:

*Work as one team, in order to increase the efficiency in all our processes to the level that can compete internationally,

*Accept both teammates as problem solvers and system developers by enabling individual development,

*Encourage innovative and creative approaches and to increase our efficiency continuously.

*Provide products and services at national and international standards with the participation of all employees.

*Stand amoung the companies that offer the highest quality products and services.

*Make the customer needs and expectations understandable at the level of all employees, thus to fulfill customer demands in a timely and error-free manner and to ensure customer satisfaction.

*Make arrangements to ensure the reliability, safety and quality of the products.

*Ensure the full implementation of the occupational health and safety rules required by our activities.

*Develop and dispatch our products at a high level of security with the error preventive works obtained as a result of turning the experiences gained into continuous improvements.