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Sintar Mühendislik company, took a part at the Dubai THE BIG 5 Building and Construction Fair, one of the most important building fairs in the Middle East market. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the fair was held on 25-28 November in Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates. In the fair, which hosted a...
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Sintar Mühendislik Company, exhibited at the 25th MOSBUILD in Moscow (International Building and Interior Decoration Fair) 2019, one of the most important building fairs in the Russian market. The fair, organized for the 25th time on April 2-5, in the city of Moscow, the capital of Russia, hosted 1200 exhibitors and 100 thousand visitors from...
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Sintar Muhendislik exhibited at BAU in 2019, which is held every two years, one of the most important construction fairs in the world. The fair, held in Munich, Germany between 14-19 January, also broke a record with 250,000 visitors Sintar Muhendislik Company has been constantly developing new products since its inception. At this fair, it...
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